Safeguarding Maternal Health & Wellness

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Our Goal

Nesting Guide aims to provide the Preconception & Prenatal Care Community a highly curated online directory of maternal health & wellness resources to promote optimal birth outcomes.

Our Mission

To promote, empower, and connect women considering pregnancy and provide them with highly curated, time-sensitive data that will educate them to make informed intelligent decisions.

Our Vision

With the intent to improve maternal, newborn, and child outcomes, our vision is to provide a uniform system on a local, state, and national level to better connect healthcare providers, women’s health, and specific data points.

Considering Pregnancy?

Current medical and scientific research indicates a dire need for a comprehensive list of resources for individuals considering becoming pregnant.

Learn How to Identify Potential Neuro-Development Risks

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Nesting Guide is a highly curated, data-based initiative to better inform, educate, and enlighten individuals with proactive academic research regarding family health and wellness issues and initiatives.

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